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Célestin Matte

Ex-Privacy researcher, Wi-Fi & Web tracking

I used to work on Wi-Fi and web tracking.

I am no longer working in research. See my DevOps profile.

Latest News



    • Cookie-Glasses A browser extension showing consent registered by cookie banners of IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework JavaScript WebExtensions
    • Vendorlist explorer Web application that extracts information from the vendorlist of IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework and makes this information human-readable. Python Flask SQLAlchemy
    • Cookinspect Selenium-based crawler used to find violations in cookie banners of IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework Python Selenium WebExtensions SQLAlchemy
    • Wombat A Wi-Fi tracking system for testing and demonstrational purpose Python Ansible Arch Linux
    • Panoptiphone A tool to show the identifying information that can be found in the frames broadcast by a Wi-Fi-enabled device Python Wireshark


  • Invited talks:
    • 03-2021: at Utrecht University, Master's Programme Law & Technology in Europe on cookie banners and Wi-Fi tracking
    • 01-2020: at Brave on cookie banners
    • 09-2019: at CNIL on cookie banners

Community Service

    • Organization Committee: GreHack'15
    • Program Committee: APVP'19, APVP'20, WiSec'20
    • (Sub-)Reviewer: CoNext2015StudentWorkshop, TrustCom'16, EuroS&P'19, TheWeb'20, The Computer Journal, PETS'20, PETS'21, IEEE TWC
    • Member of the Conseil de laboratoire:
      • CITI lab, 2015-2016 (one year)
      • Inria Sophia, 2019-2020 (7 months)


Industry impact


    • INSA Lyon, Algorithmics and programming 1 EN, L1 (2016 - 2017) 64 hours, 1.5 groups with ~25 students per group
      Teaching of basis programming in Java, plus a Libreoffice introduction module.
    • INSA Lyon, Algorithmique et programmation 1 FR, L1 (2014 - 2016) 2 * 64 hours, 1.5 groups with ~25 students per group


  • contact@cmatte.me (GPG: 0xCB6A8BD6 – 6430 156C 58FF 95B8 7EA9 0F30 A1A6 28FE CB6A 8BD6)
    Twitter: @CelestinMatte